28 March 2012

Strengthening Ourselves

We all have our own weaknesses and limitations. That reality is a part of us being humans, because we are built imperfect. Along with these weaknesses come our own strengths and abilities. To maintain a balance between these two aspects require intelligence and an ability to reconcile the weaknesses with the strengths. There are as well other mediating aspects between weaknesses and strengths, such as perception (the way we see the world around us), attitude, personality, and how we adapt to changes and other factors that have an impact on our daily lives.

As we go on living our lives, we encounter a lot of things, people, and situations that may demand us to use all the aspects that were previously mentioned. There might be a situation wherein we have to think and decide how to respond to it. Our strengths, our weaknesses, our attitude and personality, as well as level of intelligence will all contribute to how we are going to respond to it. Most of the time, we are also influenced by our reasoning, emotions, biases, and motivations on making a decision. It might appear that dealing with all these daily decision-making can produce a certain amount of confusion to a person, but at the end of every choice, a person becomes more and more proficient in striking a balance within all the factors and aspects of his own self.

These processes happen to us everyday. There are some of us who easily adapt and respond to these tasks and make wise choices. They know how to balance the various aspects that affect the way they make their decisions and effectively do all of their activities. They are able to balance objective reason with proper emotions, and at the same time, they also succeed in overcoming their difficulties. They know how to compensate their weaknesses and limitations, and they also know how to adapt themselves to everyday situations. They are smart enough to identify the different personalities that they interact with everyday, and deal with them in harmonious ways thus maintaining positive relationships and proper communication.

But not all people are gifted with such abilities. Some are having difficulties in balancing the many processes that interact within their own selves, thus making decisions that they later regret. Some are unaware of their own needs and fail to recognize and respond to the demands of their everyday lives. They would often focus on seeing their own weaknesses and may not identify their own gifts and abilities. Some would succumb to despair and depression because they are unable to maintain a proper balance of the various aspects of their lives.

Such is human nature, full of complicated and intertwining aspects that need balance. As long as life goes on, there will always be demands and responsibilities which need to be responded to and accomplished. But we are not left unarmed to face these realities of life. As mentioned earlier, are all built with our own strengths and weaknesses. We are all endowed with intelligence, and gifted with many skills which we can use to make proper decisions and make accomplishments. We might be excellent with a certain field but weak on a certain task. The challenge lies on how we objectively reason and respond to these issues that affect us. Are we just going to accept the fact that we are weak on this or that task? Are we going to rest our laurels knowing that we are good at the field we specialized in? Are we going to stay on bed and sleep all day comfortably, or are we going to wake up and face the real world with all its challenges? Are we going to stay on our comfort zone or are we going to take risks of pursuing new heights which we have never yet reached?

We as humans must constantly challenge ourselves with these questions. And we must remember that if we are weak, we are at the same time, strong. What matters is how we transform the idea of ‘being weak’ (or weakness in another word), into a real and concrete form of ‘being strong’ (or strength in another word). It lies on how we redirect our mind and will-power so that we overcome these challenges and succeed in making a difference to our own selves.