21 March 2012


It was December last year when I was assigned to work at the library, and since then, every morning and afternoon, I look forward to having my daily walk and simply observe the beauty of the surrounding streets. Our place is not a particularly urban jungle with many buildings and high-class establishments, but it's rather simple: surrounded with shops, apartments, home subdivisions, and vacant lots. And beside the busy roads and highways, there are many trees which look like wide, and verdant canopies which envelope the concrete roads. These trees also have their own fall and springs seasons: there are specific months of the year when they would shed their leaves and replace them with young, new leaves; and some would bloom with many tiny yellow blossoms which would also fall to the ground while filling the air with an elegant fragrance.

Aside from these trees, I also like to look at the bougainvillea blossoms which are being used as hedges of a house nearby the library building. Colorful flowers are especially a rarity on street establishments. So having the privilege of seeing bloomfuls of magenta and purple while on my way to work and before I go home brings inspiration to may daily activities. It really brings joy to my eyes and my heart. Such a wonderful day! :)