20 March 2012

Pretty in Pink

Last month, I bought my first digital camera, the Canon A1200, and since then, I had been truly enjoying using it. It was a very worthwhile addition to my everyday must-haves and though it was not truly that expensive, it certainly was much more than how it costs, and I'm glad to bring it with me especially when we travel and I need to capture the ordinary things, people and beautiful places we visit. Hopefully in the coming future, I can have my much awaited DSLR, but not in the meantime, that can wait.

For this month, there's a new addition to the family, and it's a pink hello-kitty keyboard. I know it looks very girly, with all the pink keys and white casing, which probably not coincides with the plain color motif of my room. But because I am beginning to like making changes lately, I chose to have it. My sister-in-law invited me to visit the little shop located on her hometown, so I agreed, and then, she suggested the pink keyboard for me. At first, I sort of hesitated. When I realized that since I'm using my keyboard everyday, why not have a change of look? So there, I got it, and now it sits quietly in front of my PC together with the hello-kitty alarm clock my sister-in-law gave me as a present a few months ago. I never expected to have such an understanding and helpful sister, because I'm so used to being the only girl in our house. Now I have sister. :)