02 April 2012

The Start of April: Forest Adventure (Bataan)

April started out as an unexpected adventure again. I spent the day traveling and nature trekking at a forest. It was a sort of secluded place with an entrance that would be mistaken as a farm. As we drove along the wide fields which were surrounded with many mango trees heavy with their fruits, I didn’t actually guess that we were going to a forest. There were many bamboo trees and heavy vegetation.

We stopped by a little place with huts and we ate our lunch served on banana leaves. Our meal was rice with crabs and some fish and softdrinks. The nature trek was accompanied with bright sunshine and clear skies. I was wrong for choosing to wear my high-heeled wedge sandals so the walk proved to be a bit difficult.

Nevertheless, with my uneasy steps while walking, I truly enjoyed looking at the mango trees, and their fruits hanging by within easy reach; watching the little brook surrounded with many bamboo trees; and breathing in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. Sundays are filled with memories of travels and adventures, and they’re truly enjoyable! I published some of the photos on this event on my portfolio.