14 March 2012

Me, Lately

For the past few days, I had been feeling quite unwell. I accidentally bit my tongue, and I didn't realized it until I felt that my tongue had been aching and bleeding for days because of a wound. It's taking quite longer for it to heal and somehow, I'm not really used to having a wound like this, it's very uncomfortable. On another note, lately, my appetite had been good so far and Alhamdulillah, I am gaining my normal weight. Also, I love to savor the taste of yummy recipes at home. I frequently make an iced drink refreshment every dinner with a secret ingredient (it starts with a letter g and ends with letter e).

I'd like to share to others my cheeriness, especially to my younger siblings. Laughing over hearty jokes when we go home makes a very light atmosphere for everyone. It's really an effort most of the time, and I'm doing it constantly to reinforce the habit of positivity. A lot of my time had been taken away and wasted over very annoying and nonsense trifles, worries, and unrealistic pessimism, which lately, I realized are of no benefit for me to become a better person.

I'm being particularly a bit laid back and like dressing up. My style reflects a lot more of cozy comfort and somewhat those of little girls, with flowers, and pink, and white, every now and then. I also like to wear high heels with stilettos, and am looking forward to buy high-cut boots. I have boots at home, but I dislike the loud clinking sounds that they make while I walk, especially over smooth floors. So for that matter, I'll be looking for noiseless, high-heeled boots.

Book-wise, I've been losing interest over reading fiction. I am much more into reading Islamic books which deal with practical reality, inspire me, strengthen my faith and bring me peace of mind. Among my reading list which I particularly like are: Don't Be Sad by Dr. Aidh Al Qarni, and The Noble Qur'an. My goal is to be a more peaceful, and God-fearing person, and I'd like to develop a stronger sense of discretion and conviction in choosing what is good and avoiding what is evil. Knowing oneself and ones purpose in life (to worship our Creator), is what truly brings my mind and heart to rest. It is what truly makes me happy. :-)