08 March 2012

Wednesday Afternoon

Today, I dropped the third and second lessons via mail and also checked the mailbox at the post office. The afternoon was particularly hot, the roads were filled with smoke coming from the cars and occasional dust from the sidewalks spread on the air. Except for the flower-stands, trees, plants, and blue sky, nothing was particularly pretty as I observed, sitting with the side-open windows on the public jeep. The buildings are dilapidated, the store fronts are untidy, the streets are filled with trash, I couldn't see any place which is simple, clean, cozy, and pretty. It's all dusty, noisy, and bustling. The ruggedness leaves me a bit disappointed. The downtown market was busy with people, some students have just finished their classes and were on their way home. The faces of people were steady-set, most of them might have been tired throughout the day. The hot weather must have some effect on people's moods and I think it adds to additional stress on everyday activities.

On the other hand, I enjoy riding the jeep. I find it sort of adventuresome to see en plein aire outside sights and places. There's some order and beauty amid of it all, and I hope to see this town transform into a much better and improved place. I look forward to that. :)