01 January 2014

First Day

Usually, I simply consider the first day of a year as just any other normal day, but the last day of the year is what I consider a bit more significant. Significant in a sense that it allows me to review and reflect how the previous year had been spent, and how through the days, I see myself grow into a better person. For sure, it was a year of uncertainties: both an eclectic mix of happy days when I just want to jump up and down out of rejoicing, or sad days when I just want to bury myself deep on the earth.

But no matter how intensely overwhelming or uneventful the days, weeks, months, years that pass by, one thing had proven true - that we learn lessons out of them, we grow because of them, and we become wiser as we progress through the years.

Setting aside our personal self-centeredness of the way we perceive life, of simply seeing things based on our own point of view, the years that pass by are meant to be for one ultimate purpose; the day we will return to our Creator is getting nearer and nearer. What will happen on that day? How much had we prepared for the day when we meet Him? Will his wrath descend on us because we insisted on rebelling on Him, or will His Mercy be greater despite our sins and shortcomings? The more we inspect our intent, the more we look into our actions (both of the heart and the limbs) how our days are spent: are we doing enough and are we living our life accordingly?

The answer of a blogger, teacher and Imam had very well made me think of the concept of the start of a year:
The earth has a giant orbit, while it rotates constantly.
Everyday could be New Years. Any minute. Any second. Days, months, years, these are all constructions based on our assumptions on this earth, that could change should we be in another planet, let alone another spiritual plane, and so what value does this change have to my heart?
I think the concept of New Years illustrates the power of an idea, how it changes our hearts, how it inclines us to act, how it pushes us to want to do better, even for a little.
And so, I take these moments to underline in my mind what true consciousness of God could be if I so willed. What I am capable of should I so desire to let this certain knowledge of God to truly engross my entire heart.
I try to seek closeness to God, so that I may attain His pleasure through awareness of Him.