23 January 2014

A Lovely Morning with Long-Tail Baby

Our home is surrounded with some plots of untended land where wildflowers and grass grow. I find it very inspiring everyday when I go out and I happen to glance over the natural beauty. Once again, my cat, Captain Helix Long-Tail Baby (queer name isn't it?) who follows me wherever I go, accompanied me on my stroll and modeled for me at the garden. This morning is not quite as cold anymore as did the past weeks, and the sun is shining warmly.

In sha Allah, I will be traveling tomorrow to go to Baguio City and update my Baguio series again. Stories and photos are coming up next week!

Before I forget, I sort of wrote an emotional writing a day ago. It's a form of catharsis, which however unsightly it may be, had become a weird habit I had developed through the years. What's even weirder is that I do lots of catharsis as such on pieces of paper or on my notebooks, and then burn or tear them up to pieces after a few hours or days.

It's being human, being human - all of us sharing a collective nature of experiencing grief, sorrow and confusion. But no matter how we deal with the unfortunate events in our lives, there is HOPE that lives within. God. Allah.

That's it for now and stay blessed! ;)

With lots of love,
- Maica