30 January 2014

Existence of God

Though there be not a few who deny the existence of God, 'for the fool hath said in his heart there is no God.'... yet the Deity has imprinted upon the human mind so many unquestionable tokens of Himself and so many traces of Him are apparent throughout the whole of nature that no one in his senses can remain ignorant of truth. There can be no doubt that everything in the world by the beauty of its order and the evidence of a determinate and beneficial purpose which pervades it, testifies that some supreme efficient Power must have pre-existed by which the whole was ordained for a specific end.

No one however can have right thoughts of God with nature, or reason alone as his guide, independent of the word or message of God... God therefore has made as full a revelation of Himself as our minds can conceive of the weakness of our nature can bear... Such knowledge of the Deity as was necessary for the salvation of man, He has Himself of His goodness been pleased to reveal abundantly... The names and attributes of God either to show His nature or His divine power and excellence.

- John Milton, A Treatise Relating to God (manuscript found in the old State Paper Office in Whitehall)