30 December 2013

At The Garden

There is something in me that makes me tied up to events in the past, some kind of predilection of collecting, recording, and re-collecting memories, though in actual reality, I am a very forgetful person.

Once again, I link up a few hours spent last 25th of December, 2012 to what I did last 25th of December this year. I spent both days at the home garden. At first glance, both places (the garden) may look nothing less than ordinary. But with a harder look, one can see beauty even in what others will just pass judgment as being insignificant and not worthy of attention. Even the tiny rocks on a pot can exude a different kind of elegance with their shades of colors and textures. One can find beauty, peace and calm even if being alone with nature. Even in silence, these creations extol praises to the One who created them, no matter how insignificant they appear to others.

The times I feel most alive are when I’m caught up in something that makes me forget myself. Art. Work. Other people. Nature. God.
—  Donald Miller