26 April 2012

A Visit to Botolan, Zambales: In Words and Photographs

Yesterday, we went to Zambales to visit my grandmother. It had become an every year activity of our family and relatives to visit my grandmother at her resting place. Our family, together with our two aunts and some cousins climbed the mountain early in the morning. We started out our travel around 4:00 am while it was still dark. We arrived at Zambales after 3 hours or so, but due to the summer heat, the sun was already up in the sky like it’s already afternoon.

The road leading up to the mountain was rugged, with many huge stones which sparkle with minerals, and red-colored soil. I think I accidentally slipped three times because I forgot to step at the stones. The soil is a bit slippery. Upon reaching our destination, we paid respects to my grandma and afterwards observed the beautiful scenery. The sounds of the gentle breeze, the wide vista overlooking the surrounding mountains, a huge patch of white sand, and the sea at the other end of the horizon was simply breathtaking. We discovered some unusual berries and tasted them including a different variety of cashew, which was colored red: the fruits being very tiny compared to the common yellow one. We picked some unusual stones as we trekked down the mountain since we noticed that the stones were streaked with many minerals glistening under the glaring sunlight.

Around lunch time, we went to a turquoise-colored beach. The sea was as beautiful as the mountains, and because it was an ordinary day, there were hardly any people so everyone enjoyed swimming with the waves! I didn't swim, I just let my feet feel the waves and water as I held my camera and shoot here and there. A happy day it was!

Below are some of the photographs I took (as promised), from the start of the mountain climbing until the sun sets at the sky :-)