27 April 2012


Whew! So this little space of mine had turned a year old! I can hardly believe that time runs so fast and within the span of a year, so many things could happen (which I assume, because we’re unaware of it due to our busy-ness). This little space, I recently entitled The Petite Muse, had been a constant companion of my everyday adventures. I started it as a place where I could ‘refine’ and collect my thoughts, everyday life, works, and some random little things I could share to the world. It also became a part of a journey of healing and many discoveries. And starting from scratch, there were many, many things that were learned: exploring art, travels, photography, psychology, food, etc. It also became a treasure chest of memories, of acceptance and letting go of past troubles, some insights from observing life, and strengthening ones faith to God (which is the most important). It was a mixture of a variety of topics all condensed into one.

Sometimes, I think that someone who might accidentally encounter this space will get confused as to what this blog is all about, or if it even makes any sense at all. It’s a work-in-progress, or so as I consider it to be.

Maintaining this space could be very challenging, sometimes a bit scary, and would take much time. Because it needs to be updated regularly, thinking of what topics and content to be included could get a little bit out of the way and tiring at the same time. But happily, I managed to make it a regular habit to drop by here every now and then, and leave something whether it seems interesting or not. And as the days and months passed, it was a truly worthwhile journey, as I’m able to chart how progress went, how insights were formed, and how ideas were put into concrete form. The content here albeit mostly personal, I maintained a style which is constructive, professional, and less emotional in approach, so that memories can be looked at someday as learning experiences which anyone can relate to. I also learned how to take better pictures and got a new camera of my own! What a better way to learn photography!

On the aspect of writing, I believe that it’s very difficult, especially if it’s not done on a regular basis. Because I’m really quiet in person, expressing myself in written form had been one of the better ways where I communicate to others. Although having been writing on newspapers since grade school, I still often get blank due to lack of maintaining a discipline of regular writing. There were many times when apprehension or laziness get in the way so I eventually find myself struggling to express a word on paper or on front of the computer screen. Most of the time, ideas are all jumbled up inside my head but it’s hard to put them into words in written form and making sense out of them. This is always a dilemma that writing people encounter. That’s why it’s very important to practice regularly and find ones pace in writing. In time, when it becomes a habit, words and ideas will come naturally and to express them into writing is indeed a fulfilling activity. In many ways, the writing exercises that I do in this little space every once in a while and keeping journals had helped me a lot in refining my ‘ideas’. I’m currently preparing for a project which will involve a lot of writing and researching. And I’m a bit nervous and excited about it. Hopefully, it gets started soon.

We never really know how and what to anticipate, especially when it comes to the future, but we must not take that into heart as an excuse not to move forward and make more improvements in ourselves and in our society. I’m very excited to look forward for yet another year of many things to be discovered, done and accomplished, if God wills. I hope that this little space will also accompany me with that endeavor as it did for the past year. As a whole, this is a wonderful journey of writing and many discoveries.