07 December 2013

A Refreshing Afternoon

Salam blog! Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. It is also my day-off from work so I get to go out and visit places, travel, explore, and take photos.

Initially, I planned of going downtown to go to the market and buy some flowers to put to my room, but I ended up joining my parents to attend the Jumu'ah prayer. We were accompanied by my uncle's family, and my three cutie little cousins, including a baby boy are such an apple in the eyes! They were very hyperactive and they ran here and there. And they liked joining me while I walk and called me 'ate'. 

I went for a walk at the farm after the prayers and as usual, I took my baby camera with me to take photos. There were many fruits and vegetables grown on the farm like chili, eggplants, long beans, papaya, citrus, coconut, banana, guava trees, etc. The farm is situated at the middle of rice fields, and some of the rice had just been planted recently so the shoots look soft and refreshingly green.

As we walked through the farm, gentle wafts of wind blew, it was so calming and an atmosphere of simplicity and comfort filled the air. This is what I long for in the rural country life, people grow their own food, the air is clean and fresh, life is simple and laid back, and goodness, kindness surrounds...