24 February 2012


Hello blog! This is quite a sleepy and laid back day for me. Yesterday I finished mailing the second lessons for the students, including the first lessons for the new students. While I was on my way back to the office, I realized that I forgot to buy postage stamps! So this probably might be the result of getting old: being so randomly forgetful. The roads were filled with traffic, so when I was nearing the office, I hurriedly stepped out of the jeep and managed to walk faster than the jeep! The traffic was like a slow turtle crawling...since it was a rush hour, students and workers were hurriedly going home thus the piling of cars and jeeps.

As of now, I'm waiting for lunch time and my abdomen is a bit aching, though that not bad. I really feel sleepy...and I'm just letting time pass...reading books and attempting to write, browsing photographs, and thinking random thoughts - basically, not so much of stress lately. I also received a beautiful gift yesterday from my parents! Hopefully we'll be going out tonight together with my two young siblings for a mall stroll...makes me so excited! :)

I'm just waiting for this sleepiness to subside.

That's it for now. :) Till next time dearee.

With lots of love and creative inspirations, coming from the always lovely weirdo,

Maica :)