07 February 2012

Bouquets and A New Look

This afternoon, I managed to sneak out of my schedule, though, I asked permission first. It was a lot of refreshing to have some lonely walk today, though it might have been a couple or three hours outside. I photographed some very beautiful bouquets on a shop below an escalator and the blooms' colors are even more accentuated by the lovely and genuine scent of their perfumes which fill the air. Because it was an afternoon, hardly any people walk on the mall's pavements thus adding a touch of serenity to the place.

I was very much looking forward to have my very l-o-o-o-o-n-g hair trimmed, since lately, it's becoming an extra chore for me. I can hardly manage it within my busy schedule. It was such a nice thing to reflect and look at myself in the mirror for about an hour, seeing my hair being cut and blow-dried. Goodbye layers! Hello new me! : )