14 February 2012

Trip to Marshes: A Breezy Afternoon (Bataan)

The wind was very strong and cool yesterday, when we visited my sister-in-law’s relatives.  We spent an afternoon picnic on a wide area of fishponds which resembled very serene marshlands. My mom cooked sautéed vermicelli with chicken and vegetables. My parents bought some drinks and snacks as well, and I especially love the freshly-cooked corn my mom bought on a roadside stall.

By mid-afternoon, the strong winds were accompanied with gentle drizzles of rain, and I enjoyed observing the wide stretches of land which were made into fishponds. I sat on an unused boat and savored the fresh wind while I played scattering seeds from ipil-ipil fruits. The place was filled with many kinds of grass and greenery, some of which I’m not quite familiar with. There were even trees which resembled mangroves; they have exposed roots, large leaves and pod-shaped fruits. We trekked on a narrow pathway lined with grasses. Some grass resembled fluffy cattails—such a beautiful sight, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a decent camera (as usual) to document the beautiful surroundings. By the time my father drove us home, the rain was falling. 

The weather is cold and the rain is still drizzling as of this writing. I love the coldness of the weather; it’s very cozy and better paired with a hot cup of chocolate.