04 January 2012

At Floridablanca, Pampanga

Today, we went to the mountains to visit some native Muslim aetas. We brought with us some clothes, rice, candies, and food. My mom cooked sautéed vermicelli and we brought some rice and ice-cold juice for lunch to be shared with the natives. We were accompanied by two sisters, my uncle, and some residents of the place.

The weather was very gentle and though the sun was out, the humidity was not that intense. After lunch, just before we were about to leave, some light rain began to drizzle. The surroundings are very rustic, reminiscent of old barrios, the air is unpolluted, trees and shrubs abound throughout vacant pieces of land. The roads are made of concrete and there's water and electricity as well.

The native aetas and their children were very happy and grateful to receive their gifts and words of inspiration to increase their faith. They gave us some of their vegetable harvests before we bid them goodbye. Afterwards, we dropped by our uncle's place and picked some small citrus, eggplant and cucumbers and he gave us pieces of sugarcane which weren't peeled yet.

Above were some shots taken on the mountains and on the farm. I just used my phone on these photos. How I wish I'd have my Canon DSLR soon! J I just can't wait!!!

- Maica