12 January 2012

Cross-Processing & Some Thoughts

Lately, I've been experimenting on processing photos to have a vintage effect on them. Cross-processing mixes colors to produce warm-toned and sun-kissed vintage effect which are often qualities of Polaroid shots and retro years. 

What I love in this process is that the photos evoke an atmosphere of warm and nostalgic memories. :) 


My thoughts are once again adrift with a lot of things. Yesterday, I called my prospective school for my studies. I inquired of their cut-off score for NMAT (which for the past weeks had been one of my serious thoughts since I received the electronic copy of my results), and I was glad to know that my score passed their cut-off score. After that, I tried asking about the other requirements. The list included papers such as recommendation letters, tests, etc, interviews, tests, among others. It was a bit overwhelming, and when I asked about the estimated amount of tuition fees, my heart almost sank…it was a total disappointment. The fees would not even cover other school and classroom activities. It was very sad to know that the idea of pursuing to become a doctor would even be beyond available means.

I am still in the process of thinking heavily about my future plans, of my options.