05 January 2012

Not feeling well

I woke up today with a dry throat and a runny nose. I felt like I could catch a cold out of this allergy. I don't particularly remember what probably caused this, but I guess the weather must have been cold last night and I left my electric fan on.

It's a bit of lonely in my place right now, and hardly any cars pass by, the road is quiet even with people. It feels like a laid back work day, or I guess it's because I'm not feeling well. It's quite annoying when you have to blow your nose every now and then, and sneeze when allergens and dust particles float on the air.

As of now, I'm thinking of buying a DSLR, Canon in particular. I need it for documentation purposes and for the library, but it's extremely expensive. And I'm wondering how I might be able to pay it on an installment basis. Even the photo quality, type and price of each camera option are important things to consider. So many choices. So many options. And I don't want to over-process the photos I take anymore. It's like deceiving and it's not good.

And then, it's not good too if you're going to take an action if you aren't totally sure of it. And in my case, if not feeling well.