02 January 2012

A Weekend Morning

 Morning breakfast. : )

* * *

This has been a relaxing weekend. Waking up past 9m, we didn't actually have to open the store. After taking a bath, my younger brother and sister toasted some bread and sandwiches and topped them with strawberry jam. Our breakfast was paired with cups of coffee ( a comfort treat to start the day ). After doing some chores and relaxing  bit, we went to a mall outside our city and bought some groceries. Taking a walk every now and then even though going on a window shopping is a good exercise. There were lots of people beause it's a weekend and families are spending time together.

In progress, I'm glad to note that I've finished preparing the six lesson questionnaires for the students. It was quite difficult having to deal with Filipino since it's been a long time since I haven't encountered writing in this language. I'm more comfortable in using English for writing, thinking, and expressing myself.