15 September 2011

32nd Update

It's finally weekend again, and I can't hardly believe that time runs so fast! It was an especially busy week for me, monitoring our sales, drivers, and making sure that tasks are delegated effectively. At the same time, I'm looking forward to a number of preparations, attending school meeting by Saturday, doing a bit of review on cognitive psychology, and lots of organizing and some house chores for tomorrow. As of now, I'm preparing to rest as the day started early for me, and it's good to practice being an early bird for work, it fosters self-discipline and punctuality.

I already assembled my canvas yesterday, did the sawing, nailing the wood, stretching, adjusting, and attaching the canvas on the stretcher frame, and applying the white base paint. Flipping over my books and magazines, I'm thinking of how my new painting's composition will be. I'm especially glad for the overall work of the Cottage House.and considering a bit of style repetition with regards to the new painting. The canvas measures around 5 ft. x 3 ft. and I'm trying to figure out how it would work if I try it purely on impressionism, graffiti, if I'd still use the Cottage House style, or make it like a dream scenery, or incorporate all those styles into one. What I'm avoiding is the look as if the painting's elements look like a flat-colored illustration book, or the colors would look bland, or the subject matter wouldn't elicit a reaction from the viewer. That's why I prefer to do a bit of planning for this painting. I'm very inspired to paint since I bumped on Coldplay's website and saw that their upcoming album features very colorful and meaningful art. I'm also considering using mixed media method: incorporating neon-colors spray paints with touches of oil paint for textures and details.

There's a lot of catching up to do when it comes to planning a painting like this the mind is very sensitive to outside disturbances and I have to catch and preserve ALL the incoming ideas and put them all in together so that I can compose and work though the painting continuoulsy with proper focus and steady coming ideas and inspiration. The creative process is difficult to understand and explain, and while the work of art is being done, lots of passion, patience, hard work, and focus as well as creative growth is produced. I hope that this painting will be pretty and meaningful when it's finished. :)