30 September 2011

35th Update

Art Medium and Brands I use

Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencil Tin - 36 count (#117536)
Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading, and painting in watercolors. Rich pigments dissolve completely when blended with a wet brush. These high quality watercolor pencils are offered in 120 colors that are permanent when dry and color matched to all other Faber-Castell lines. (source: http://artgraphic.fabercastell.com)

Color & Co Oil Colours 
Color & Co fine oil painting sets are high quality colours for traditional oil painting. They have a high level of pigmentation, a smooth full bodied consistency, good covering power, uniform consistency, good lightfastness, and good working properties.
  • Canvas or canvas board
  • Good pigmentation
  • Good covering power 
REEVES Water Mixable Oil, Colour Set, 12 ml Tube, 24 Tubes
Paint with genuine oil colors without using solvents. Looks, feels, and performs like traditional oil paint. Features a high level of pigmentation, smooth-bodied consistency, and good lightfastness. Colors include: lemon yellow, medium yellow, brilliant red, crimson, phthalo blue, ultramarine, sap green, viridian hue, yellow ochre, burnt umber, ivory black, titanium white, orange, flesh tint, violet, permanent light green, burnt sienna, Payne’s gray, deep yellow, magenta, rose madder, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, and raw umber. (source: http://www.enasco.com)

Winsor & Newton's Artisan Water-Mixable Linseed Oil 
Winsor & Newton's Artisan range of mediums has been specifically designed for use with the Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Paints, allowing you to continue working with the same mediums you would use in oil painting but maintain the ability to use water to thin youroil colour and to clean your brushes and painting equipment. Winsor & Newton's Artisan Water-Mixable Linseed Oil is the main binder used in the manufacturing of Artisan Oil Colours, and adding it as a medium will allow you to reduce the consistency and improve the flow of your oil paints. It is also the most popula rmedium of the Artisan range. (source: http://www.artstore.co.uk)

Marie's Professional Gouache Color
Renowned for their brilliance, opacity and great tinting strength, Marie's Gouache colors is a finely ground, water based paint and ideal for students and artists of all ages. The sets contain most popular colors. Conforms to U.S. health ASTM D4236 and Europe EN-71 standard.12/14/18 color set available. All the tubes are secured in white plastic tray (source: http://www.arttool.com)

Stabilo Carb Othello Pastel Pencil 
This pencil is simply a chalk pastel with a wood casing and can be sharpened to a fine point. It can be dry mixed and blended or by adding water used as watercolour. There are 60 colours. They have high pigmentation, great luminosity and opacity plus brilliant results when used on dark backgrounds. They are easily blendable and completely non-toxic. Wonderfully dry and dusty, just like charcoal, the soft lead will also draw perfectly on delicate paper. Can be bought individually or in robust metal tins. (source: http://www.artshopmaterials.co.uk)