28 September 2011

34th Update

27 September 2011 Tuesday

Finally, the electricity is back!

The storm outside is very strong and while I was in the store this afternoon, the wind was actually tossing the signboards, the trees, and the leather covering the jeepney which was being repaired. The wind reinforced the strength of the rain and it pours in many directions. The storm is still raging outside while I’m writing now, and it seems that it will last until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a lot busier these days, arranging stocks and maintaining orderliness in the store, monitoring our records, sales and customers, composing a huge painting, planning, writing, and reviewing a lot. I was sort of neglecting my rose plants because I have so many things to do and tasks to be accomplished, while the month of September is drawing to a close. I’ll probably have my roses caring time by weekend, God-willing. Hopefully, before this month ends, I have already arranged my papers for submission, and am prepared for the examination by the end of the year. I’ve been planning and waiting for this opportunity and I hope and pray that God will give me the chance and the blessings to pursue it. Now, I have something to look forward to achieving in my life and it really makes me a lot happier, determined, and it gives me a lot of energy to work hard and be patient with whatever trials that happen in my life.

The teardrop waltz humming in my ears brings nostalgia memories in me—particularly when I still have my laptop computer. I missed my laptop a lot as it had been my companion when I am alone. It’s been more than a year since it was stolen from me, and I wonder how the thief managed to use it because it’s already non-functioning and he has to spend money just so he can have it repaired. But at least, even though I no longer have a laptop, I am happy and content with what I have in my life. I have many dreams and probably they are also my source of inspiration in my life, I love to learn and pursue new heights, and by God’s leave, He will grant me the strength to achieve them.

It’s a bit late now and I still have to watch a thriller movie, Silence of the Lambs. 

Till next time, with lots of love and creative inspiration, coming from the lovely and weirdo,