29 June 2012

Strolls and Coffee

Yesterday, my younger sister-in-law and I went out for a mall stroll after dropping the lessons at the Post Office. It was actually our first time to go the mall together since we usually go out as a family. Lately, I had been 'seriously contemplating' and 'thinking' of going to a coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere, soft-cushioned chairs, quietness, and an affordable cup of coffee while browsing through a book (something which I didn't even brought with me).

I did some surveying as we walked past the shops, and after a few stops, we ended up at Krispy Kreme. The place was warmly-lit, with printed mural, comfortable furniture, and it has a cozy appeal. I had a cup of Latte, which for me is quite expensive (a small-sized cup is worth eighty pesos!), and I still had to add sachets of brown sugar and creamer to neutralize the bitter taste, but it's really good tasting after all. We bought two pieces of spicy samosas from Passport Food just before we headed to the coffee shop, and my sister, who doesn't drink coffee, ordered a peach tea drink instead.

Before going home, we stopped by at a quaint vintage shop,  with many special goodies. I bought a scrap book which I'm going to convert as my new photo album. I haven't updated my personal album for years now and it's been a plan which I had been delaying for such a long time. Finally, here it is! We bought some samosas and an egg pie to bring at home.

Another mid-week adventure!

P.S. Though using public transportation allows one to observe and walk with the common folks, I couldn't help but feel disgusted with the huge amount of air pollution brought by motor vehicles.