04 June 2012

An Afternoon on a Different World

Every year is a chance to discover and continue projects which had been sitting unfinished for many days, and even years. Whereas last year was a year of making art, I consider this presnt year as a year of exploring photography. Just like art, photography had taught me a lot, including taking me to many places all over the world. With a single photograph, you could instantly be teteported to a place which lies miles apart from you. You could be transported instantly to the moment the place or memory was captured through the lens of a camera. Just thinking about it, amazes me . Within this wonder of photography, I was able to appreciate and discover it more through magazines and coffee-table glossy books.

So this afternoon, I decided to browse through my collections and some of my parent's magazines which had been with me throughout this journey of the world of taking beautiful photographs. Armed with my simple camera, I shoot some of the pages which inspire me a lot  since childhood and took me to many places and stories...