03 January 2015

Visit to Tagaytay City on the first day of the Year


Tagaytay City, located on the province of Cavite, Philippines, had held a mystical place on my mind because of its characteristic location. It is nestled on mountains and it overviews the Taal volcano which is surrounded with a lake. Pineapples and flowers abound here, and it is a popular retreat and vacation place like Baguio City because of its mild climate and beautiful views. It takes only around less than two hours drive from Metro Manila, and it does not have zigzag mountain highways so the travel doesn't cause much dizziness.

Last Thursday, we traveled there, but it was raining and when we arrived, the whole city was covered in thick fog. The Taal volcano and lake was invisible, it was all white. It was pleasantly cold and the gust of wind refreshing. We were  supposed to have a picnic but there was not much to see and it was raining, so we ate our lunch at the car and then had coffee on a nearby store before heading back home.

Hopefully, we'll come back to visit Tagaytay again when the weather is clear and have a look at the amazing sights the city has to offer, not to mention the restaurants, coffee shops and charming vacation houses.