14 January 2015

A Cafe Dining


Last Saturday, I unexpectedly bumped at Gustav cafe located at the heart of city. I initially bought a spicy shawarma and planned on taking a seat and order some cold tea drinks for a snack. It was already evening so I then thought it’s also time for dinner.

I looked at the menu to choose what dish might accompany the apple cinnamon tea, and browsing through the list, I chose baked mussels (can’t go wrong with seafood). They’re local mussels baked with rich cheese and some mayonnaise. There’s slices of orange alongside. For my thin frame and diet, it’s almost like a full meal in itself.

Upon arriving home, my siblings bought with them some chocolate cakes as well.


Sometimes, there’s just this need to treat oneself with fine dining every once in a while, isn’t it? After all, change comes in many forms. And I wish for this year to be a kind of change as well.
Have a nice mid-week!