29 December 2014

2014: Looking Back

1. Sickness and finding healing.

2. Gradual learning of life and humanity's inevitable truths, values, and potentialities.

3. Stepping back from too much reading, selecting what to read, and making effort to be 'productive.'

4. Understanding.

5. Realization that the potential for savagery and violence still exists in this age of modern civilization; that much of our original built-up and psyche (inherited from the past) still exist.

6. Learning when to speak and when to remain silent.

7. From rigidness to flexibility.

8. From blind following to critical awareness.

9. Realizing that strictness cannot win a heart / hearts.

10.  Genuineness to oneself and to others.

Some essentials I have learned from this year, most of which are not uncommon, but their relevance had been strengthened because of the many events that happened during its course.

One thing is for sure: we learn a lot through the years (isn't it?) :) Brace for the coming one!