26 October 2013

Will-Power and Attainment of Perfection

A human being is created with no firm will-power. He has a tendency to sway from this and that, and that is a part of his nature. But he can gain firmness and strength of will and faith by striving to attain the perfection of the purpose of his creation, that is: slavery to Allah. It is said that, 

"When Allah formed Adam in Paradise, He left him for as long as He willed to leave him, and Iblees (Satan / Devil) started to walk around him, looking at him to see what he was. When he saw that he was hollow, he knew that this creature had been created with a disposition such that he has no firm will-power."

- Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم
[Source: Sahih Muslim 4/2016, no. 2611]

That is why, Shaykh Al Islam (may Allah have mercy on him) further said,

"The  most perfect, the best, the most supreme, the finest, and the most righteous people are those who have most perfect slavery to God. This in fact, is the reality of the Religion of Islam by which God has sent His Messengers, and by which He revealed His Books. This reality is that man should submit to God only, not to others."

- Ibn Taymiyyah
[Source: Al Ubudiyyah]