26 October 2013

Fitrah (The Innate Human Nature): A Prelude

Allah has created His slaves in such a way that they are free from false beliefs, and He has created them with the readiness to accept the sound beliefs, but when they are born, the devils from among mankind and the jinn surround them and corrupt their sound nature (fitrah), but Allah protects those whom He wishes to the Truth.

Allah knows those who will remain steadfast and adhere to the sound fitrah and whose fitrah will be changed. He knows that from eternity and it is written. According to the Hadith narrated by Muslim, 'Iyaad ibn Hammar said, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه و سلم said that Allah the Exalted said,

"I have created My slaves as Haneefs (pure monotheisths), then the Shayateen (devils) mislead them, forbidding them that which I have permitted them, and commanding them to associate others in worship with Me for which I have not revealed any authority."

[Source: Islamic Creed Series: Vol. 8, pp. 86-87, by Dr. Umar S. Al Ashqar]