28 September 2013

The History of Islam: A Must-Read Volume Series

This Three-Volume Series, The History of Islam, provides a detailed and nuanced perspective on Islamic history, and its contributions to civilization, and all other aspects in relation to faith, politics, science, arts, society, and spirituality.

At a time, when almost all materials and information which are catered to the general public particularly for education curricula, are centered and provided by non-Islamic sources, there is a great need for people, both Non-Muslims and Muslims alike, to turn to genuine Islamic sources which are well-researched and provided by Muslims themselves. In order to gain a proper and balanced perspective on history, and its implications on current events and the collective mindset of people, the Islamic perspective should be given its foremost importance.

In sha Allah, I will give a little bit of a book review, but the series requires deep reading, so the review might take quite some time.