12 September 2013

The Foundation of Knowledge

The foundation of knowledge is knowledge of Allah, not empirical knowledge. For Allah is the First, Who created all that exists, and the Last, to Whom all of creation will return. He is the all-encompassing principle; knowledge of Him is the basis of all knowledge, remembrance of Him is the basis of all remembrance, and striving for His sake is the basis of all effort. From the knowledge of Allah stem all other kinds of knowledge. From the worship of Him and seeking Him alone stem all kinds of good objectives. By worshipping Him and seeking His help, the heart is protected, for it has taken refuge in trustworthy support and is clinging to guidance and certain proof. For learning by the help of Allah is the greatest means of learning about Allah and about life and other things, and about the human psyche.

- Dr. Umar S. Al Ashqar