28 December 2012

From my Garden

I'm maintaining a home garden which is located on our terrace, and my room's window overlooks the entire space it occupies. It is not quite a high maintenance garden as it is surrounded with potted Euphorbias which are very resistant to the heat of our climate, and the heat makes them bloom more profusely. There are also some Cacti, Climbing vines, a Mini bamboo, and a Rose which was the only one which survived out of the many Roses that I planted last year and which I hope will survive and bloom again. I decided to take time to care this garden again and I also cleaned and did some landscaping on the little patch of garden in front of our house last Monday. It was quite a tedious task as I had to pull out a lot of weeds, remove trash and dead leaves, arrange the rocks and pebbles, till, and water the soil.

Gardening is a very rewarding experience, it makes me feel more connected with nature and environment, and it's also very humbling to let my hands scourge through the soil and rocks and clean away the dirt and dead plants and leaves that had piled up on the garden for many months.