17 November 2011

42nd Update

Last night, after updating my blog, I thought of exploring BlogSpot and browsed the blogs of other bloggers like me. I was particularly glad to observe that most of the blogs that I visited had what I think was ‘human touch’ in them— they are not alienated despite the presence of the platform of technology which they used.
The first one focused topics on typography, literature and poetry, another blog featured wedding photography and travel, while others highlighted their designs and art portfolios, family moments, and even personal ramblings and insights, adventures, and photographs. One can definitely note of the various things under the sun that these writers can share to the rest of the world. My favorite was the humanitarian causes, particularly on the relief and recovery operations for children who experienced disaster; and sustainable energy and its conservation programs for underprivileged countries.

With these observations, I am very happy to know that there are still a lot who endeavored to utilize the Internet in beneficial ways— to improve oneself, to share ones talents to help others, to share the products of the mind in order to innovate ways of improvement, promoting morally upright values, helping those in need to ease pain and suffering, and most of all, promoting the awareness and faith in One God Who created us all.

I wish to see more of these positive content in the future— for everyone to realize that the Internet must be used towards spreading genuine information, positive values, and to eradicate content which spreads immorality, lies, deceit, promiscuity, violence that corrupts the lives and minds of human beings, especially of the younger generation.