10 November 2011

41st Update

It's been quite a while since I last had my essay update. I'm on our shop right now, working and arranging records and monitoring our sales. I'm also busy preparing for other activities. I have to set aside painting for this time because I have to start reviewing for my upcoming exams next month. The last piece which I finished just in time for the start of my reviews is the Rose Cottage Garden and it is a bit smaller in size compared to my other previous paintings. I bought it home two days ago, as soon as it was finished and now it is set to dry on my study table. I sleep and wake up looking at it and it really makes me happy to see it everyday in my room. I was able to finish four paintings within four months and I am glad to observe my progress in terms of refining my subject matter, efficiency in using the oil medium, handling of materials, refining techniques, and the time frame with which i am able to finish the artworks. Among the skills that I found necessary were patience, determination, visual perception in space and color harmony, composition of painting's elements and forms, and enhancing rich imagination.

The process of painting is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and improvement for the artist. It starts with a quirky idea until the idea is being put into action from start to finish. Along with the idea, I choose the materials which I need so I could start the painting. I measure the dimensions of the brace frames, although most of the time in inexact proportions (I leave the final and exact measurements when the painting is to be framed). Afterwards, I apply the base coats of white primer, let it dry, then start with the process of painting. Sometimes, I do a pre-planned sketch, but most of the time, I end up with a slightly or totally different finished piece - mostly through imagination and analysis.

But by this week, I am bringing my paintings back home to be stored up temporarily. I have to start and take focus in reviewing for the NMAT. When I started answering the reviewers, I realized that I forgot most of the topics covered on the test. That's why I have to do a lot of reading, especially in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and practice solving equations in Algebra. It's been three years since I graduated from college, which means that there should be digging up of old books and notes. Gladly, I didn't stopped reading books about Psychology, the Social Sciences, Arts, and English. I still keep on reading books, improving my writing, vocabulary, and behavioral analysis, and developing insights. So I hope that these activities will be of great help for the preparations.

I'm overwhelmed, excited and a bit nervous, because I barely have an idea on where to start basing the topics per subject. For that matter, faith and prayers are very important so I can be properly focused and at ease for the exams. I have to make a little outline for the lessons to be reviewed to organize and determine the starting point per subject. Schedules must also be arranged within the course of the following weeks to avoid mental cramming.