21 August 2011

25th Update

It’s been days and I am excited to update and catch up with my blog! :) My PC literally refused to boot and it got repaired just yesterday. Gladly, all my files were stored on the second hard drive and they weren't affected by the PC reformat. I’m sitting here in front of the shop, writing on my notebook. It’s a bright Sunday morning  with clear skies. I've been busy for days, waking up at around 3 or 4am and working for the rest of the day. Though my schedule is busy, I never miss praying, organizing myself, read good books, daydream, listen to my soundtracks, draw, paint, plan, and write (as I am doing today). It’s really a must for me to nurture these activities, and be in touch with my inner world.

Lately, I’ve been reading good books which I find really life and perspective changing. It’s surprising how they taught and challenge me to question a lot of my previously held psychological insights and to discover that all these years, my thoughts were actually a prisoner of many of these theories. Much of what I learned before focused on ever-analyzing negative issues over and over, trying to find solutions for them, but eventually, lead me into being stuck on a past that won’t come back.

Now, I’m learning again on a more positive perspective, finding new ways to re-frame my thoughts towards those which are more important and useful. It has further nurtured my creative, social, and spiritual life, strengthening my mind and faith. I’m glad and very grateful to God for giving me ample time and resources to reflect and re-analyze my purposes and goals in life. I was constantly asking questions why someone and some dreams were lost, and I realized that God must be giving me signs that it’s not yet the right time. I still have to accomplish my goals and a lot of activities before it’s the proper time for me to be given such blessings. :)

I do love challenges, so in that note, there’s always hope to live everyday with a purpose to look forward to achieving, a clear direction in life, and be happy. Along with that, we must always strive to develop our talents and intellect. When we overcome the negativity that prevents us from nurturing ourselves, blessings are appreciated and the past is looked upon with smiles.

On a brighter note, I went to Angeles University Foundation last week to inquire for the upcoming NMAT (National Medical Admissions Test) to prepare for Medical School to pursue my studies as a psychiatrist. Gladly, I went there just in time. I was informed that the upcoming NMAT applications will be released sometime between September or October. I’ve been preparing for this exam for the past three years and finally, God has given me the time to pursue it. I’m excited!

With lots of love and creative inspirations, coming from the lovely and weirdo.