13 October 2015

Sunday Market, Baguio City


Last Sunday, we took a short visit up at the mountain city of Baguio. We spent only a few hours strolling at the town since it was cut short due to the rain. At the last journal update, I had featured a few photos from Burnham Park a week before the flower festival, but for this post are photos taken at the Sunday Market. It's not yet vacation time so not much crowds or traffic were encountered, and the weather was just as cool except for the inconvenience of the rain. I requested my mom to buy me a bunch of watercress, and upon arriving home, I made a salad (it's our first time to try watercress) and it resembles mustard, radish and wasabi in taste but much milder. Try watercress if you have it in your place, it's not only delicious in salads but great in nutritive value.