23 February 2015

Baguio City (Part 11)

I have to admit that after years and years of traveling, I still feel nauseatic especially when going to Baguio. The approximately four hours of travel including the zigzag roads on the mountains is especially stressful even if I am just sitting and looking at the passing views.

A week before the annual Panagbenga flower Festival, crowds are already drawing in to Baguio City. At Burnham Park, food stalls and shops are lined up and there are so many people. There is also a contest for garden arrangement along the stretch of the road where the shops are located. 


I had a beef shawarma and orange juice while walking around the parks. 

People boating at Burnham Park Lake.

Of course, I will not skip the Rose Garden. There are so many people walking around, some are practicing dance classes, some sitting on the grass or at the benches. 

Afterwards, next stop is at the La Trinidad Valley Strawberry fields.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/thepetitemuse/16432218638/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/thepetitemuse/15997209674/

That's our first update for the Baguio Series this year, more to come! :)