11 February 2015

First Two Months

Chrysanthemums near the escalators

Fountain evening lights at Marquee Park

Fried rice at Bon Chon

Long-tail Baby at the Garden

Chicken Sisig and Sizzling Squid at Ikabud Restaurant

Salam and Hello! How was your first two months of 2015 so far? I hope things are just fine for you as it was for me, although it's not really the case all the time, sort of like a rollercoaster. Most of what I had been doing at work is just the same. Manning the library for four days a week and then assisting students by Saturday. Just like a broken record, it had been a tradition of my talking here on the blog that at the start of each year, I talk of changes. For people like me who are resistant to change, this requires a lot of effort, as some of my months would pass by without any evident progress. But now, I am making a step further by seeing to it that that kind of resistance is avoided. For example, I updated some of my wardrobe, eat and invite family to dinner outside, take vitamins and look after my health, avoid hardcore uncompromising theological books, update my reading list and make it a bit more eclectic, take life a little less serious, make new sister friends, take focus on my work, and see a doctor. Papers had to be arranged by the end of February and start another chapter in June, inshallah.

That's it for now, and I hope that the coming months of 2015 will also be good for you and change for the better!