27 May 2014


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These are the trees I pass by everyday. During the summer months around February until May, they bear yellow flowers that fall on the ground and surround the air with delicate fragrance. I walk fast while cars and people pass me by along the road. Sometimes, I trip over when I'm not looking at the ground because there are many rocks, pebbles and exposed roots of trees, not to mention the trash that people throw away.

In the morning, I rush to walk to the library, and in the afternoon, I rush to return to our shop. And one of the reasons why I always rush walking is to avoid people staring at me. It's my daily dose of exercise, so to speak. But then just being surrounded with trees and some wildflowers along the road softens the stark environment of the city.


I just dropped the set of Islamic lessons for this month at the post office a couple of hours ago. I'm wearing my new glasses (a second pair besides the prescription glasses), they were handed to me yesterday by my sister friend and they have a smaller frame which fit just right around my eyes. I'm adjusting with a bit of headache, but in sha Allah, I will get used with them. Whew, May is almost coming to an end, and it's time for scheduling plans for the coming month. :)

- maica