21 April 2014

Garden City

Salam and Hello!

I was absent for a few days, and I'm very excited to ease things a little bit. This will be the eighth installment of the Baguio travel series.

I wandered at the flowering parks and at the strawberry farm. Baguio City, located at northern Philippines, is its summer capital and tourists come over the beautiful landscaped city located on the high mountains of Benguet province. It is one of my most favorite places to go to because there are many, many flowers, pine trees, cool weather, strawberries, friendly people, and beautiful atmosphere. 

I told my mom that Baguio as a whole is a 'garden city'. Even the houses, no matter how simple they are, are beautifully landscaped everywhere. It was a one day travel only but it was definitely worth it. We went to Camp John Hay, had breakfast and lunch at Burnham Park, strolled at Botanical Gardens, and walked at the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad Valley. I was not able to go to the rose gardens because by afternoon, rain began to fall. For souvenirs, I bought two pashmina shawls.