12 April 2014

Currently Reading

Currently reading: Religion on the Rise by Murad Wilfried Hofmann

I was attempting to voice-record my reading, but I realized I was having problems with accent and in making mistakes with reading the words (my eyesight issues). I really need to have my glasses soon. Perhaps, if I will have time, I will get them this afternoon or tomorrow, in sha Allah. My optician is a good friend of mine. :)

Anyways, I recommend the book. It is an insightful work that touches into the issues that Islam and Muslims face in the modern world, and what Islam has to offer: its solutions to the problems of the current times, and what its future likely holds, most especially in the postmodernism era.

Chapter 1: Destination: West
Chapter 2: Destination: East
Chapter 3: Many long and wretched Years
Chapter 4: Targeting the Media
Chapter 5: Blond, blue-eyed and Human Rights
Chapter 6: Democracy or Shuracracy
Chapter 7: Similar or Identical?
Chapter 8: Why Muhammad?
Chapter 9: Jesus dividing - Jesus uniting
Chapter 10: Colorblind
Chapter 11: What are they here for?
Chapter 12: In for a Change
Chapter 13: Petitioners or Partners?
Chapter 14: Islam in America
Chapter 15: What if they come?