13 July 2013

A Temporary Hiatus, Online Theft

In sha Allah, for the next weeks, and perhaps, months, I will not post anything on this journal. I've decided to focus on my work and my priorities, and gain a brand new perspective. I'll be continuing on the translation of the book I'm working on and then proceed to the psychology and Islam book project. These activities had been postponed for so long, and so I thought it best to focus on them at this point.


Yesterday, I discovered that a photo I designed was stolen without permission and it was posted on a social networking website (a noisy and vulgar website). And what's worse is that a person criticized its content without any basis. This is the third time I discovered photos of mine copied, pasted, and re-posted. I found this very disappointing, indeed. :( I have to say that everyone should respect the ownership and copyright of others, whether it's a statement, a quote, an article, a photo, or any kind of content. It's just extremely important to acknowledge the sources, seek permission from the owner, or at least link back to the website or source. Because in whatever angle you'll look at it, stealing other people's work is very wrong, and it is a disrespect of intellectual property rights. 

Those who produce these content: authors, photographers, designers, artists, etc. spend a great deal effort, energy, time, etc. on developing their concepts and producing their work. To steal their work i.e. plagiarize and claim that it is yours is very, very wrong. One might say this, "if you don't want your work stolen, then don't post it." To this I say, it is a right to express and share something which will benefit others. But the right of expression is also backed up with the right of ownership. I acknowledge the importance of disseminating information and sharing, but it should be done in a proper way, without stepping on the rights of others.

Link back, and give due credit to the producer of content. Be respectful. Do not claim ownership on something which is not yours. Do not steal the property of others.