14 June 2013

Thursday Morning

I woke up today at Fajr Prayer at around past 4 am, and then afterwards, I decided not to sleep anymore. My body surprisingly felt very light and I didn't had the surge to sleep again. Perhaps, this is due to a beautiful surprise I received upon waking up, hahaha :) This is what usually happens to me when I am in a state of pleasant anticipation. I'm very much hoping for something to happen these days - although with a little bit of reservation. Perhaps, that's a familiar feeling everyone can relate into. But the only difference is, this time, there's a space for personal reservation. A way of coping to avoid the necessary disappointments when in a state of anticipation.

Just when the sun was peering through the clouds on the early hours today, there came a light drizzle of rain. While I was preparing breakfast, my little cat, Helix Long Tail kept following me, running here and there, and meowing. I can't resist taking the photos above, especially the flowers with the raindrops still on their petals, and the small saresa on the garden. In addition, I'm thinking of changing lenses lately, as I've been enjoying taking close-up photos of flowers and natural environments. It's also nice to maintain and appreciate the natural colors of subjects every once in a while instead of hyper-processing them.