02 October 2012


There were many times everyday when I open the Noble Qur'an— when I often I find tears flowing from my eyes. It is only through this way that I find peace and contentment in my heart. All trivial pursuits, self-centeredness, and vanity become insignificant. I have learned that when a person dedicates all his efforts and purpose to what God had created Him for— then and only can he achieve true happiness. It is written in the Qur'an that, 
" And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (alone)." 
- Translated from the Qur'an 51:56

Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), I am leaving behind the misery of being confined and imprisoned to the pain and frustrations of life. All my questions and doubts are clarified in exactly definite answers. My dreams as a child a long time ago to live and leave behind a life of purpose and to make a difference continues. I didn't achieve it in terms of selfish glory. Rather, I am now living it by seeking the help of Allah (swt) to become a better person who is striving to fulfill the purpose of creation— to worship Him alone. Rebellion, questioning, and doubts are not going to lead anywhere except in misery and destruction. My choice in life is to hold on fast to what is right and condemn what is wrong. Doubting in between is only a result of lack of conviction and proper guidance.

When I look around me, everything that I see is becoming more and more manifest to the Greatness of Allah (swt) Who created everything. The flowers, the sky, the animals, the diversity of all creation— who else created them? Can modern science, mathematics or the latest man-made ideology can explain as to who created all of Creation? No. It is only Allah (swt) who created everything. He explains to us in detail the wisdom of everything that we see and experience through His final revelation to us, the Noble Qur'an and the excellent example of His final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his Sunnah. So now, Who else deserves gratitude and obedience? It is Allah (swt) alone. But many of us have hearts which are sealed and refuse to obey and believe in Him. But their refusal to listen will not diminish the Power of God, for everything will come back to Him.

"Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will remain forever."
- Translated from the Qur'an 55:27-28

The heart will never be completely happy unless it is focused on worshiping Allah (swt) and submitting to His Will. Because in the end, everything that we loved aside from Allah (swt) will perish. It is Allah (swt) alone Who will remain, and we will all return to Him because He created us. There is no nobler and worthier purpose in life except to recognize and worship the Only One Who created us, and that is Allah (swt).

"Those who believed (in the Oneness of Allah), and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah: verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. Those who believed (in the Oneness of Allah), and work righteousness, all kinds of happiness is for them and a beautiful place of (final) return."
- Translated from the Qur'an 13:28-29