02 August 2012

Welcome August

I hadn't been writing anything here for quite sometime, just piling up photos and doing artworks. Life had been fairly stable lately and I guess putting words on it wouldn't have that much impact because there are no strong emotions or thoughts that would go with expressing it. I'm spending my days glued in front of the computer for many hours during work, drawing on my spare time when inspiration strikes, reading books before going to sleep, and helping to prepare breakfast (Iftar) as we spend the month of Ramadan. We as family get to travel every weekend which is also one of my favorite activities

I was a very surprised today that my photo storage on Picasa albums had been used to the maximum limit that I can no longer upload any photos to put on this space. So I'm relying on my Tumblr photo URL's so I can continue posting photographs here on my blog. You can also visit my Tumblr if you like, and I also put up an Islamic Blog entitled A Garden of Islam, feel free to visit and follow. :-)

Ah, gone are the days of exploding emotions, and bitterness. And looking back at it and how it used to be only brings a feeling of deep relief. No more angst, or judging, or criticism. God had given me much and ample time to now regard a sense of forgiveness to whatever had happened. It was all a Decreed Fate, a precious lesson that I can refer to in case future incidents might happen. I wish that I have that much time to gather my thoughts and write them down, so I can emphasize how I came up to this form of healing. But if I can't, all I can say is that I'm very thankful to God for letting me understand when it was all a refusal to accept and confusion. Life is a continued growth and process, a journey, of moving towards maturity and considering more important priorities and what truly matters..

On another note, I'm so happy to see that this little space of mine had been garnering some traffic from many countries all over the world. Until now, I still get amazed that somehow this blog can be viewed from many people who are so far away from where I am. I would like to thank all of you for kindly stopping by here and taking a look at my random works though they aren't that excellently made.

I'm wishing you a peaceful and blessed day wherever you are in this world.

Love, Maica