09 May 2012

Busy and Happy Girl

I just would like to keep this little memory alive. And to tell you frankly, I'm feeling so happy!

As I've mentioned earlier, I am going to face the outside world again after a period of three years! And it's a slow process of healing, but now, my chest feels a lot lighter, the sadness is being replaced with joy and lots of energy. Sometimes, there are are disappointments and frustrations, but based from what I have learned from the 'past', it's good to note that I know how to deal with them better and with a proper perspective. We can't really get there if we won't experience the worst, isn't it? I can say, I've been through it, and it's rewarding to survive it, and now it has made me a less bitter and a lot better person. I have learned to let go (though this sounds so overused cliche).

After being so absorbed with two things called 'heart' and 'life' pain, I had been to with so many goings-on, including being employed in our Islamic library. Here are some of the activities I had been attending to: 

- Reviewing more about Islam and reading a lot of Islamic books.
- Organizing weekly Arabic Classes in the library.
- Reading the Original Arabic of the Noble Qur'an.
- Refining my ideas to prepare for the writing of my upcoming book.
- Being able to update my writing exercises on a regular basis.
- Making more driving practices with my parents and siblings.
- Taking many photographs and learning the art of photography.
- Improving my online art portfolios.
- Traveling, discovering, and seeing many different places and people.
- Being relieved of the extreme summer heat because the refreshing rainy season has started.
- Being optimistic about the present.
- Planning for future studies (as always).

 That's it for now. Time to eat lunch! :)

- Maica