07 October 2011

37th Update

Last Sunday, I bought a beautiful coffee-table book which was entitled ROSES: Inspirations for Practical Gifts, Crafts and Displays by Gilly Love, with photographs by Michelle Garrett. Considering the price and the quality, it is very affordable in terms of the really valuable and lovely content of the book itself.

It comes along a glossy paper cover jacket which is exactly the same print as that of the book. The book starts with a brief overview of the rose and its history, and how various hybrids were developed through the breeding of original species brought mostly by travelers and horticulturists. It features the stories, myths, and legends about roses, various varieties and kinds of roses for gardening and designing, roses and their health benefits, lovely design and gift ideas, roses for perfume and taking care of skin and body, and how to make various refreshments, deserts and recipes using roses and their fruits.

I discovered that roses are edible and they can be used to make salads, mix with chocolates and creamy cakes and fruits, make refreshing rose petal and lemon cordials, mix with cooking spices, and even make candies out of whole, fresh blossoms.

Mixing roses with authentic cooking spices

Roses, with their exquisite colors and heady perfumes, have inspired poets, philosophers and lovers for centuries and continue to be the passion of gardeners and floral designers all over the world. Roses is a celebration of this unique flower, making delightful presents and producing delicious rose-flavored recipes.

 There are numerous ideas for decorating your home with roses, with table stylings and floral designs to making rose-scented potpourri and decorative candies. A section on making your own beauty products and using rose-scented oils in aromatherapy is also included. Gifts to make include pressed rose stationery, cards and decorated boxes. Rose petals, hips and waters form the basis of a wide selection of delicious recipes to tempt any cook and include rose hip jam, rose vinegar, crystallized petals and peach and rose sorbet.

The projects are illustrated with clear, step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow text that guarantee swift and successful completion of the designs. Throughout the book are numerous tips and suggestions for different styling ideas and ways of using roses, making Roses a delightful and inspiring guide to rose crafts, floral designs and decorations, and a book no rose connoisseur should be without.   

Roses, Cover Jacket

Below are some photographs from the book.