07 June 2011

11th Update

It was a bright and sunny day and as soon as we opened the shop, I headed straight to Angeles Electric Corporation to pay our shop’s electric bills. The streets are busy with people walking to and fro and vehicles rushing past another.

As I walked my way, observing sights,  I was shocked and delighted to see large blooms of roses being sold! It was a really a dream come true, and I rushed to ask the lady selling them, how much does each plant cost, and she told me that each cost seventy-five pesos. And so, after paying the electric bills, I hurriedly went back to the rose shop and asked for a red rose plant with healthy growth. As I chose from one plant to another, I noticed that all of them grow from a healthy mother plant. I first chose a red rose, which was combined with a white rose, so it was actually two plants in one pot. After that, I chose a pink rose with buds waiting to bloom. I paid for three plants for the price of two. God willing, I’ll come back this Friday to buy another pair with those salmon colored and white tinged ones! I’m so excited! Rainy days are coming by and the weather will be good for my new roses!