29 March 2016

March Photo Snippets

Random Thoughts

The third month of the year is about to end, and I was thinking about how this year is going on for me (in terms of personal growth) and about so many things going on around the world and also about people in general.

The amount of information and sensory stimuli is very overwhelming, and I'm reminded of one of Jason Silva's episode on Brain Games where he presented at the busy streets of New York City saying that a very short amount of time of exposure at the huge amount distraction and stimuli can bring a breakdown to a person. And while it is necessary for us to be aware of our surroundings or of what is happening, the bombardment of all kinds of information is no longer healthy, especially when the suffering of many people is now reduced to a public spectacle not only on the media but also on 'social media'. There is a need for us to actively seek what is important and what really matters, instead of us as being passive consumers of information that is now being reducible to junk - since what effect do these stimuli have on us if it does not benefit our well-being, bring a difference to the lives of others, or motivate us to do concrete actions for the good? These are just my ramblings and just a fraction of what is occupying my mind lately. Somehow, one cannot have a sound conscience to be happy in the presence of humanity's pain and suffering.

In the midst of all this, even if it sounds cliche, I prefer to maintain hope albeit it be benign, to sustain the daily fears and anxieties, to make sense out of it all, to never lose the sense of virtue, to seek to understand.